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Jay Chiarella 2 min read
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Wonder how your WiselyDesk virtual assistant knows more about your product than you?

We’ve explained how WiselyDesk generates the AI answers - but where does it get the information about your specific product?

With the sources feature, users are provided a link to the sources that informed the AI response about your product.


Each time a user asks a question, WiselyDesk identifies the most relevant knowledge base articles with similar meanings by comparing their word embeddings for semantic similarity. We then pass the content of those knowledge base articles to build the context for the AI to generate a response.

If you or your users want to view the most likely sources of the AI response - then click the Source link.

1. When using the bot, you can click on the Source link at the bottom of an AI message
Sources Feature
2. A new tab opens with the source, in this case a Zendesk article.
Sources in Zendesk

Note - “most likely sources”

Before the AI answers a question, WiselyDesk provides relevant knowledge base articles as context. However, the generation of AI responses mostly remains a black box to the tech industry - as there isn’t full visibility into the AI’s reasoning. This makes it not possible to absolutely guarantee the AI’s use of provided context.

While we haven’t found our virtual assistant ignoring sources, regular monitoring is needed. We apply various engineering safety techniques and battle-tested bot instructions to address this. We’ll discuss this more in future blog posts and conversations.


We hope to help increase the general knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of this new AI technology for the customer service industry. If you have any questions or topics you would like us to cover in the next blog post, please let us know!

Contact us if you would like to provide your users with 24/7, instant, and accurate AI answers about your Zendesk knowledge base.

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