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Why launch WiselyDesk?

Jay Chiarella 3 min read

The recent improvements in AI, such as ChatGPT and GPT4, have created enormous possibilities to improve business efficiency (among other amazing things). One of those ways is enabling users to have natural conversations with businesses - while not requiring any AI experts on the business side.

At WiselyDesk, we’re focusing on how we can build software leveraging groundbreaking AI technology to help organizations communicate with their customers. And make the interaction less work for both the user and for the business.

Currently, we’re focusing on launching a chat for Zendesk Help Centers that allows users to ask questions in natural language. In our testing, it usually takes us more time to type the question than for the bot to respond with the answer. And the answer is usually the real answer the user was looking for; these AI technologies blow any previous searching / chat methods out of the water. We think this will have a few effects on businesses:

  1. Users will expect to ask their question to a chat, 24/7, and receive an instant answer in natural language.
  2. Users will expect that their question will actually be answered, or escalated to a human if there is no answer.
  3. Support or documentation teams will have new motiviation to actually keep their help centers up to date, as users will actually be able to find the answer to their questions easier.
  4. All the above (1,2,3) will allow the Support teams to spend less time on the easy questions that are answered in help centers, so they can focus on the complex questions.
  5. The setup for these new AI technologies are almost none existing. There should be some fine-tuning for your specific business, but that is an iterative process as we learn how your users interact with the WiselyDesk chat.

Why WiselyDesk


Thank you for visiting our website and blog! We are super excited to get our first 5-7 beta customers who use Zendesk help center currently. We’re happy to show you a no-strings attached / no payment required demo of how this chat could look like in your help center!

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